Opening session of the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation Mentorship Programme by Mrs Ezinne Azunna

Opening session of the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation Mentorship Programme by Mrs Ezinne Azunna

Mrs Ezinne Azunna while speaking at the Ocean Ambassadors mentorship programme noted that her first challenge as a maritime reporter is understanding the Maritime Industry. she said before her resumption on the job she has only been hearing about the Maritime Industry.
Stressing further she explained to the ocean ambassadors that the media world, in general, will give challenges and these challenges are what will open doors of opportunity and growth in the profession.
She stressed the need for critical thinking as a journalist working on a reportage, stating that the ambassadors have to inculcate the culture of critical thinking as it will be useful to them in any endeavour they decide to venture into.

When asked a question, imbalance of female to male in the field of maritime, she encourages females to come into the maritime sector saying ” Excellence acquired through knowledge and practise cuts across gender”.
While advising the ambassadors on how to work towards their career, she pointed out the need for confidence and good self-esteem as they will be meeting people and speaking to them, most of these people will be those who are already successful in the field they have an interest in and it is my confidence and good self-esteem that they will be able to sell themselves to the world.
In the same vein, she lectured the ambassadors on the importance of communication skills, comportment and getting over mistakes. she said everybody make mistakes but to move forward we have to get over them.
Towards the end of the lecture, she was asked about subjects to focus on if one wants to become a maritime journalist. She mentioned the English language, being the mother of all subjects. She stressed that the English language is very important as anyone with a very good command of the subject can fit into any sector conveniently, other subjects she mentioned are Government, Economics, Mathematics Geography and a foreign Language.

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