At Ocean Ambassadors Africa, we do not only provide transportation and tourism services we also provide enlightenment programmes about maritime and the blue economy to the populace most especially students of secondary schools both private and public.
We have been doing it for like five years and the project was endorsed by University of Lagos (UNILAG), the department of Geography to the Post Graduate level. We had a mini-quiz for just the private schools students within Lagos state and the first, second and the third prize winners were taken to Ghana to have another maritime experience which opened the children’s eyes to the Opportunities in the maritime sector.

Lagos State which is a coastal community with concentration of schools don’t know about maritime careers nor know how to chart a way forward for students when they fail Jamb and admission to the University isn’t possible. So, we decided to usher in programmes in order to create the awareness at an early age for secondary schools students. The concept is to catch them young in the area of transportation, trade and tourism mega sector of the economy so, we brought out maritime because, in maritime there are vast opportunities